is live!

After a semester of development is now live! However, right now we're still in closed beta and working hard to improve the service.  Firstly, a big "thank you" to the hard effort of my teammates who made this possible: Ashavani Singla, Marcus English, and Simon Trigona.

I can't believe we've actually developed something useful! School projects usually turn out to be boring basket weaving simulators, not something actually useful. Since the website went live we've been getting a lot of feedback from the Math and Computer Science department on ways to improve the website. Currently, we have over 100 registered students in closed beta, it will be interesting to see how the site scales... People are using it non-stop to write most of our diagram-less classnotes.  I can see this site being a smash-hit once we get a chance to implement the ability to draw diagrams.

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