Zelda: Spirit Tracks

I haven't posted anything on my blog for awhile but with the holiday season coming to an end I had a chance to try out one of this years big hits for the Nintendo DS, Zelda: Spirit Tracks. The game has little choo choos! (a.k.a. trains) :D I know you must think its awesome already!

I haven' t been a fan of the newer cell-shaded Zelda games but ironically I found myself playing it after I found out my girlfriends brother had already purchased the same game for her for Christmas (damn him *shakes fist*)

I didn't expect much when I first started playing this game. I thought it would be just the same Zelda "stuff" all over again. However, the Zelda team has done it again and created a highly little addictive puzzle/action game.

The game interface is by far one of the most intuitive interfaces I have seen. A game that gets me blowing into a little microphone to play a flute or blow dust of a map has done a great job getting players involved in the gameplay.

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